Monday, January 28, 2013

January Cook the Books

One of my faults is that I am a big procrastinator.

I don't do it with everything, but when I do push things off, I usually get it done just under the wire.

The result is every once in a while, something happens and it just doesn't get done.

Case in point, my participation in the January Cook the Books Challenge on  to cook something out of Dorie Greenspan's terrific cookbook  Around my French Table, in January.

I didn't even hear about the challenge until the month was half done, but it sounded fun. Cook from a different cookbook each month and blog about it. I hadn't heard of Around my French Table, and it sounded like a cookbook I would like.

It arrived from Amazon January 20th, and I opened it right away to start perusing recipes. The first recipe was for gougeres (p. 4) which brought back fresh memories of my gougeres disaster of New Year's eve (floppy, chewy cheese discs that went strait into the trash).

Then I opened to a recipe for crunchy gingered pickles (p. 340) and chicken in a pot, the garlic and lemon version (p. 206) in which I could finally use the lemons I preserved last summer. Wow. So many great recipes and I couldn't choose where to start.

The Meal

Salmon and Potatoes in a Jar

I wanted something that I hadn't tried to make before. Ah, I had it .... salmon and potatoes in a jar (p. 182). I love anything in a jar. I had read about curing fish in salt and sugar, but had never attempted it. I decided to use as fresh a fish as I could find, which meant I had to skin it (not bad for my first time doing so before pre-cooked). It turned out lovely.  We had the salmon and potatoes in a jar on a bed of lettuce with a dash of balsamic for lunch.

Ribs in Red Wine and Port  

I also decided to make short ribs in red wine and port (p.254) in a crock pot, as I was going to be out all day. I wanted something that could sit until everyone was ready to eat. I served it with mashed potatoes and the top-secret chocolate mousse (p.421).

The recipe worked great in the crock pot. I adapted the recipe by grilling the ribs on the barbeque and chopping the veggies very fine so I didn't have to try to remove them, and I left the herbs big enough to fish out (I couldn't find my tea infuser).

For leftovers, I cut the meat from the bones and shredded it serving it over mashed potatoes for one lunch and then adding some mushrooms and having it as soup for the next.

Top-Secret Chocolate Mousse

The mouse was very chocolatey and very rich - just how I like them.


So now comes the part procrastination played. I pushed everything until the last moment, had the dinner party the day before the deadline for the blog, got the flu, and this blog post is too late to be included in the January Cook the Books roundup. I will include it in the comment section and do better next time.

February .......oh Wow .........dumplings...

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